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There are three Mona Gordon books listed on this page:

1) Children of Tane
2) Children of Tane
3) The Garden of Tane

Children of Tane
Children of Tane
The Garden of Tane

Children of Tane,

birdlife in New Zealand

Mona Gordon,

London: J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. Christchurch, N.Z. Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd.
1st edition, 1938.

With coloured illustrations, photographs and diagrams.

Condition: Fair to good, spine in need of some repair, one plate loose.
pp. 250.
Cloth cover.
Size: 14.5cm x 22cm

Price: US$40.00

Children of Tane

With coloured illustrations, photographs and diagrams

Mona Gordon,

This book deals comprehensively with the birds of New Zealand, collecting information which is new or which is only available in scattered sources. The grouping of the birds has been specifically arranged in relation to forest and Maori life.

London: J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd, Christchurch, N.Z., Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd.

Condition: very good, with dust cover
pp. 250.

Size: 22.5cm x 15cm (8 3/4 x 6inch)

Price: US$27.00

(price includes shipping)

The Garden of Tane

Mona Gordon

“...What a beautiful land lay spread before the astonished eyes of early visitors to New Zealand. The naturalists of Cook's voyages—Banks, Solander, Sparrman, the Forsters; French men of science, Hooker—we shall follow them all in their brief excursions on various parts of the coast when they had only to penetrate a short distance inland to find scores of new treasures waiting to be collected.”

New Zealand, A.H. and A.W. Reed, 182 Wakefield Street, Wellington and P.O. Box 330, Dunedin.

Condition: Very good, dust cover torn as shown in photo.
Cloth binding.
Size: 14.5cm x 22.5cm

Price: US$34.00

(price includes shipping)