Lydekker Huia

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Kea Parrot, Nestor notabilis.
Volume I., Plate XVIII. Chromolithograph.



Walter Lawry Buller's Birds of New Zealand, 2nd edition, 1888.



John Gerard Keulemans

Addional Notes:


The second edition was published in 13 parts between July 1887 and December 1888, the first 12 comprising text and 4 plates, the final part text only. Although 1,000 sets of the 1888 edition were produced, a total of 251 copies were lost in the wrecks of the Matai and the Assaye in 1890. The plates of the second edition show Keulemans at his best and are superb examples of chromolithography. “The book itself is on a larger scale [than the first edition], being Imperial instead of Royal quarto, and the plates, instead of being hand-coloured lithographs, have been produced by the more costly but more exact and satisfactory process of printing in colours ...” (Preface).


Reference: Galbreath, Ross, “Buller, Walter Lawry 1838-1906


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Do not hang in direct sunlight.
This print should be framed with acid free archival matting and archival glass.



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