Lydekker Huia

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New Zealand Gurnard, plate 6.
Hand coloured steel engraving



William Jardine’s Naturalist’s Library, Volume 2, Ichthyology



James Stewart, W.H. Lizars engraver.

Addional Notes:


Sir William Jardine (1800-1874) was a key figure in the history of Victorian science. He owned the finest private natural history museum and library in Britain and made the study of natural history widely available by editing and issuing The Naturalist’s Library in forty small, well illustrated, and relatively affordable volumes. Naturalist’s Library is a monument to Victorian industry and zeal for natural history education. On account of the high]quality hand-coloured illustrations, it is seldom found complete.

The work is divided into four main sections: Ornithology, Mammalia, Entomology and Ichthyology; each was prepared by a leading naturalist. Among the artists who contributed to this massive work was Edward Lear, whose illustrations include 1 uncoloured and 37 coloured plates in Mammalia vol. II (1834); 1 uncoloured and 31 coloured plates in Ornithology vol. V (Pigeons, 1835); and 1 uncoloured and 31 coloured plates in Ornithology vol. VI (Parrots, 1836).


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Framing Notes:


Do not hang in direct sunlight.
This print should be framed with acid free archival matting and archival glass.



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