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There are three books on this page, all illustrated by  Nancy M Adams:

1) Wild Flowers  by Nancy Adams, 1965.
2) Mountain Flowers of New Zealand  by Nancy Adams
3) New Zealand Alpine Plants  by A E Mark, illustrated by Nancy Adams (SOLD)

Wild Flowers, 1965. Mountain Flowers of New Zealand New Zealand Alpine Plants

Wild Flowers

Nancy M Adams,

A.H. & A.W. Reed Ltd, Wlllington, Sydney, London, Auckland, Christchurch, 1980.

This book is based on fifteen full-colour plates of Nancy Adams' elegant, delicately-drawn illstrations. Each plant is accompanied by a descriptive text designed both to instruct and delight all those who take pleasure from the natural world around them.

Condition: Very good.
Hard cover, includes dust cover (small tear top left of dust cover), 15 colour plates.
Size: 28.5cm x 22cm, pp.44

Price: US$41.00

(price includes shipping)

Mountain Flowers of New Zealand


Nancy M Adams,

A.H. & A.W. Reed Ltd, Wlllington, Auckland, Sydney, 1965.

The mountain flora of New Zealand includes plants of unusual interest and beauty, and the thirty-three examples depicted in this book include both the little flowers such as the creamy Alpine gentians and the larger shrubs, such as koromiko.

Condition: Good, Dust cover damaged and torn, former owner name top inside fly page.
Hard cover, includes dust cover, 10 colour plates.
Size: 24.5cm x 19cm

Price: US$21.00

(price includes shipping)

New Zealand Alpine Plants


by A E Mark, illustrated by Nancy M Adams

Second revision 1986.
Reed Methuen Publishers Ltd, Auckland.
Printed and bound by Kyodo-Shing Loong Printing Industries Pte Ltd, Singapore.

This book presents some of the more important features of the New Zealand mountains; their origin and structure, environment, flora and vegetation. The main section deals with most of the 600 or so vascular plants found beyond the tree line; the plants are arranged systematically more of less as in the technical books dealing with the floras.

The drawings are from fresh plants, many, as the locality notes indicate, collected from National Parks. Plants that were drawn and described were collected with the permission of the respective Park Boards.

Condition: Very good, with wear on edges of cover.
pp. 262. 118 colour plates, plus b/w sketches throughout.
Soft cover.
Size: 22cm x 21cm

Price: US$78.00