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The Earthworm Fauna of New Zealand

K E Lee

New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Bulletin 130. Wellington, 1959.

“This study is based on about 7,000 specimens of earthworms, collected from the mainland of New Zealand and its outlying islands, Kermadec Is., Snares Is., Campbell Is., Auckland Is., Antipodes Is, Macquarie Id., and Chatham Is. Pervious work on New Zealand earthworms is reviewed, and where necessary revised.

“The work describes 192 species of earthworms, belonging to 34 genera, are recognised Of these, 178 species, of 27 genera, are referred to the family Megascolecidae, and 14 species, of 7 genera, to the family Lumbricidae.”

Each species’ origin, means of dispersal and relationship to the main soil groups of New Zealand are described in full.

Condition: Very good, cloth boards lightly worn on the edges, faded spine.
pp. 486., 371 figs., 25 tables.
Hard cover.
Size: 15.5cm x 24.5cm

Price: US$67.00

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