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There are two P.C. Bull books listed on this page:

1) MOAS and Moa-Hunters
2) the moa-hunter period of maori culture  (SOLD)

MOAS and Moa-Hunters the moa-hunter period of maori culture

MOAS and Moa-Hunters

Roger Duff,

R.E. Owen, Government Printer, Wellington, New Zealand -- 1957,

Condition: Very Good.
Paper, stapled booklet.
pp. 34
Size: 14cm x 22cm.

Price: US$30.00

(price includes shipping)

the moa-hunter period of maori culture

Roger Duff

E.C. Keating, Government Printer Wellington, New Zealand, 1977.

Condition: Excellent.
Hard cover, with dust cover.
pp. 433
Size: 15.5cm x 25cm

Price: US$55.00

(price includes shipping)