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Back from the Brink

Gerard Hutching

New Zealand has some of the most endangered bird species in the world: the kaki, or black stilt is the world's rarest wading bird and the taiko is the most threatened sea bird in the world. But “Back from the Brink” is a good-news book celebrating the continuing efforts of scientists and DOC workers to save our rare and endangered bird species. Over the past three decades these groups have effectively saved a significant proportion of the most threatened bird populations and, along the way have invented brilliant new ways of doing so.

In this book Gerard Hutching recounts the stories of our unique and special birds and the people dedicated to saving them from extinction.

Penguin Books, New Zealand, 2004.

Condition: Good, with back cover bent lower left. Extensively illustrated with colour photos.
Soft cover.
Size: 23cm x 15cm

Price: US$43.00

(price includes shipping)