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W. T. Greene’s Parrots in Captivity, was published in three volumes, the first two volumes issued in 18 parts in 1883, the remainder in 1887, and contains 81 colour plates of parrots, parakeets, lories and cockatoos, from illustrations by Alexander F. (Frank) Lydon and coloured wood engravings (chromoxylography), in most cases enhanced with gum-arabic, by Benjamin Fawcett.

A supplemental volume was commenced in 1888, of which only two parts (with nine additional plates) were ever issued. Now considered a classic work, Parrots in Captivity is very rare - copies appear on the market very infrequently as only one edition was ever printed. The two supplemental parts are rarer still.

Vasa Parrot:

$170.00 USD
(includes shipping)

Vasa Parrot:

Price: US$170.00 (includes shipping cost).

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Chromoxylograph ( color wood engraving ), by Benjamin Fawcettafter drawings by A. F. Lydon.

From: W. T. Greene's Parrots in Captivity, published in London in 1884.

Paper Size: 6 3/4 x 10 inches (17 x 25.5 cm) approximately.

Condition: excellent.

Text: text is not included.