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Charles Nathaniel WORSLEY, RBA,  (1880-1923):

Worsley arrived in New Zealand from England and settled in Gisborne. He exhibited for many years with art societies in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch travelling frequently to Europe, where he died during a visit to Brescia. His watercolours are held in most major New Zealand galleries.

Worsley accompanied the governor of New Zealand, Lord Ranfurly, and Lady Ranfurly as illustrator on their tour of the Sub Antarctic Islands in 1902. A sketchbook in the NZ National Library portrays a number of bird sketches.

Advertisements in New Zealand newspapers early in the 20th century reveal that Worsley did do a set of postcards.

"six postcards in colour of the Birds and Flowers of New Zealand after the original paintings by C.N. Worsely, and a series ... of L.W. Wilson cards.", Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXXII, Issue 10503, 1 November 1905, pg 2., Papers Past.

Also, there were many advertisements around the country such as this one: "Birds and Flowers of Maoriland, C.N. Worsley, Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XLII, 27 October 1908, pg 3."

Otherwise no other evidence is to be found about these postcards.

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Birds and Flowers of New Zealand, Postcards

Issued circa 1905


After the original Paintings by
C.N Worsely.
Card size: 5 1/2 x 3 9/16 inches (14 x 9cm).



(Huia & Kingfisher, Tui & Kakariki, Stitchbird & Bellbird)
(Morepork & Fantail, Kakapo & Kiwi, Saddleback & Kea)


Series Postcard titles:

  • 1. Rata (Metrosideros robusta), Huia, Male and Female (Heteraloclta gouldi), "Ribbon-Wood" Lace-Bark," or Houhere (Hoheria populnea), Kingfisher or Kotare, (Halcyon vagans).
  • 2. Clematis or Puawhananga (Clematis indivisa), Parson Bird or Tui, (Prosthemadera novae Zealandiae), Senecio or Puweretaiko (Senecio perdirioides), Paroquet or Kakariki, (Platycercus novae Zealandiae).
  • 3. "New Zealand Lilac" or Kumarahou, Stitch Bird or Hihi, (Pogonornis cincta), Poroporo (Solanum), Bellbird or Korimako (Anthornis melanura).
  • 4. Scarlet Mistletoe, Morepork, or Ruru (Athene novae Zealandiae), Manuka-Raukiri (Cleptospermum ericoides), Pied Fantail or Piwakawaka (Rhipidura flabellifera).
  • 5. Rauhuia, Ground Parrot or Kakapo, (Stringaps habroptilus), New Zealand Pea or Kowhaingutu-Kaka (Clianthus puniceus), Brown Kiwi (Apteryx mantelli).
  • 6. White Rata (Metrosideros alba), Saddleback or Tieke, (Creadion cinereus) Mountain lily (Ranunculus lyallii), Kea (Nestor notabilis).
Worsley Postcard, Rata, Huia, Ribbon-Wood, Kingfisher, -- LINK to larger image

Price: $49.00 USD
(Includes shipping)

Worsley postcard, Clematis, Tui, Senecio, Kakariki, -- LINK to larger image

Price: $49.00 USD
(Includes shipping)

Worsley postcard, New Zealand Lilac, Stitch Bird, Poroporo, Bellbird, -- LINK to larger image

Price: $49.00 USD
(Includes shipping)

Worsley postcard, Scarlet Mistletoe, Morepork, Manuka-Raukiri, Pied Fantail or Piwakawaka, -- LINK to larger image

Price: $49.00 USD
(Includes shipping)

Worsley postcard, Rauhuia, Kakapo, Kowhaingutu-Kaka, Brown Kiwi, -- LINK to larger image

Price: $49.00 USD
(Includes shipping)

Worsley postcard, White Rata, Saddleback, Mountain lily, Kea, -- LINK to larger image

Price: $49.00 USD
(Includes shipping)