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There are two Eliot Howard books listed on this page:

1) A Waterhen's Worlds
2) Territory in Bird Life

A Waterhen's Worlds Territory in Bird Life

A Waterhen's Worlds

Eliot Howard,

Cambridge At The University Press 1940

"The pond where I watch is beside my house. At one end the ground rises steeply to a garden; at the other, slopes gradually to a meadow. In size it is about one-third of an acre, in depth about eighteen inches. For thirty years, except one, Waterhens have lived upon it. Not the same pair; for sometimes the cock disappeared, sometimes the hen. The bird that was left was never long alone: if it was the cock, in a week or two another hen came; if the hen, came another cock."

With plates by Emery Walker Ltd, Photogravure.

Condition: Good.
Cloth cover
Size: 20cm x 26cm

Price: US$125.00

(price includes shipping)

Territory in Bird Life

Eliot Howard,

London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, W., 1920.

"A minor classic [and] milestone in ornithology's path."

With plates by G.E. Lodge and H. Gronvold, territory maps of Lapwings in 1915 and 1916.

Condition: Good, light foxing, spine fading.
Cloth cover.
Size: 15cm x 22cm

Price: US$80.00

(price includes shipping)