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Blue Tinted Lithograph postcards (1891):

  artist  George Sherriff


Six Maori Xmas cards were produced in 1891, by the artist George Sheriff.

They are:

  • Her best friends
  • Thoughts of Xmas
  • Maori nose rubbing
  • Christmas greetings in Maoriland
  • Pig hunting
  • Dolce var niente

Reference:  Auckland Star (Auckland), "Christmas Publications", October 8, 1891: 9.
Gilderdale, "Messages of love from Maoriland", 2019.

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A D Willis

Circa 1890

Sepia Lithograph postcards:
Artist:  George Sheriff
Approximate Size:
5 3/4 x 4 1/8 inches,
(14.4 x 10.4 cm)


AD Willis Postcards, blue tinted, card (1) Her best friends -- LINK to larger image


Card (1):
Her best friends
Price: $150.00 USD
(Includes shipping)

AD Willis Postcards, blue tinted, card (5) Pig hunting, -- LINK to larger image

Card (5):
Pig hunting
Price: $150.00 USD
(Includes shipping)