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New Zealand Antique Prints & Rare Books
Albin, Rook Lewin oystercatcher, water colour


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  • PZS (The Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1877)
  • DICTIONNAIRE Universeld'Histoire Naturelle, 1849
  • FAVORITE  FLIES AND THEIR HISTORIES, 1892 by Mary Orvis Marbury
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  • BISHOP, Owen and Audrey, Wild Flowers Handbook
  • CHALK, Douglas, Hebes and Parahebes
  • COCKAYNE, L, The Cultivation of New Zealand Plants
  • CRANE, Peter R, The Origin and Early Diversification of Land Plants, A Cladistic Study
  • DALRYMPLE, H K, Orchid Hunting in Otago, New Zealand
  • FISHER, Muriel E, New Zealand Ferns in your Garden
  • GILLIES, William, First Studies in Plant Life in Australasia, With Numerous Questions, Directions for Outdoor Work, and Drawing and Composition Exercises.
  • JOHNSON, Peter, Wetland Plants in New Zealand, Field Guide Series
  • KENRICK, Paul, The Origin and Early Diversification of Land Plants, A Cladistic Study
  • KIRK, Thomas, The Students' Flora of New Zealand and Outlying Islands
  • LANCASTER, Margaret E, Forest Fungi
  • LOWE, , E J, Ferns: British and Exotic. Volume I.
  • MARK, , A E, New Zealand Alpine Plants
  • BIGELOW, R S, The Grasshoppers of New Zealand
  • FABRE, J H
  • (The Works of Jean Henri Fabre)
  • » The Life of the Spider
  • » The Life of the Fly
  • » The Mason-Bees
  • » Bramble-Bees and Others
  • » The Hunting Wasps
  • » The Life of the Grasshopper
  • » The Sacred Beetle and Others
  • » The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles
  • » The Mason-Wasps
  • » The Life of the Weevil
  • » The Life of the Scorpion
  • » More Hunting Wasps
  • » The Story Book of Birds & Beasts
  • » The Spiders of New Zealand
  • (Parts I, II, III, IV and VI)
  • » Spiders of New Zealand and their
  • GASKIN,, D E, The Butterflies and Common Moths of New Zealand
  • GIBBS, George, New Zealand Weta
  • GRANT, Elizabeth A, An Illustrated Guide to some New Zealand Insect Families
  • GRICE, Gordon, The Red Hourglass, Lives of the Predators
  • HUBBELL, Sue, broadsides from the other orders, a book of bugs
  • » An Elementary Manual of New Zealand Entomology
  • » Fragments of New Zealand Entomology
  • » New Zealand Beetles and their larvae
  • » A Supplement to The Butterflies and Moths of New Zealand
  • IRISH, Lindsay L, The Minefield Spiders
  • JARDINE, Sir William, The Naturalist's Library. Vol. XXXVIII. Entomology. Bees.
  • KIRBY, W. F., A Hand-book to the ORDER LEPIDOPTERA. Vol. IV. Moths. -- Part II.
  • LUBBOCK, John, On the Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects
  • MARAIS, Eugene N. Marais, The Soul of the White Ant
  • BANFIELD, E J, My Tropic Isle
  • COLBORN, Theo, Our Stolen Future, How man-made chemicals are threatening our fertility, intelligence and survival
  • DRUMMOND, James
  • » Animals of New Zealand, an account of the colony's air-breathing vertebrates, 3rd edition
  • » Animals of New Zealand, an account of the colony's air-breathing vertebrates, 4th edition
  • FALLA, R A, The Holiday Naturalist in New Zealand
  • FLEMING, C A, Marwick's Illustrations of New Zealand Shells, With a checklist of New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca
  • FORESTER, Johann Reinhold, The Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster, 1772 - 1775,
    Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • FORTEY, Richard, Life: An Unauthorised Biography
  • GASKIN, Chris, Remote the Land's Heart Wildlife and Landscape in Southern New Zealand
  • GIBBONS, Bob and Liz Gibbons, Creating a Wildlife Garden, How to turn your garden into a wildlife haven
  • GILLHAM, Mary E, A Naturalist in New Zealand
  • GREY, Sir George, Polynesian Mythology and Ancient Traditional History of the New Zealanders, As furnished by their priests and chiefs
  • GRIBBIN, John, Deep Simplicity
  • GRIEVE, M, A Modern Herbal, The Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folklore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs and Trees with all their Modern Scientific usess.
  • HAMILTON, W M, Little Barrier Island (Hauturu)
  • HAYWARD, Bruce, Trilobites, Dinosaurs and Moa Bondes, The Story of New Zealand Fossils
  • » Animals of New Zealand, an account of the colony's air-breathing vertebrates, 3rd edition
  • » Animals of New Zealand, an account of the colony's air-breathing vertebrates, 4th edition
  • JENKINS, Alan C, The Naturalists, Pioneers of Natural History
  • MABEY, Richard, The Oxford Book of Nature Writing
  • MARAIS, Eugene N., The Road to Waterberg
  • PASCOE, John, Mr. Explorer Douglas
  • SMITH, Stephenson Percy, Department of Lands and Survey, New Zealand, Report for the Year 1894-95
  • SPARRMAN, Anders, Voyage Round the World with Captain Cook in HMZ Resolution
  • THOMPSON, William Irwin, GAIA, A Way of Knowing
  • THOMSON, Geo. M. Thomson, Wild Life in New Zealand. Parts I. & II.
  • TRAVERS, W.T.L., New Zealand Graphic and Descriptive
  • WHITE, Gilbert, Natural History of Selborne
  • BRADY, S., Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, Volume XIV., 1898
  • CAIRNS, D., EELS, Life-history of the Two Species of New Zealand Fresh-water Eel
  • DICKINSON, P., Field Notes for the Freshwater Naturalist, Dominion Museum Handbook, No. 3
  • HECTOR, James, Fishes of New Zealand, Catalogue, with Diagnoses of the Species
  • HUTTON, F. W., Fishes of New Zealand, Catalogue, with Diagnoses of the Species
  • ALEXANDER, W.B., Birds of the Ocean
  • AMN, No 933, July 6, 1937, American Museum Novitates
  • ANDERSON, Stella I, Encounters with Birds
  • ANGEHR, George R, Stitchbird
  • BARLOW, Maida, The Year of the Spur-winged Plover
  • BATTY, Dr Joseph, New Zealand Parakeets
  • BULL, P C, Distribution and Abundance of the Rook (Corvus frugilegus L.) in New Zealand
  • BURROUGHS, John Edinburgh, Birds and Poets
  • DRESSER, Henrey E, A History of the Birds of Europe, Volume VIII
  • DRUMMOND, James, Our Feathered Immigrants
  • DUGGAN, Eileen, New Zealand Bird Songs
  • DYER, I S, Kakariki
  • ELL, Gordon, Encouraging Birds in the New Zealand Garden
  • FALLA, Molly, A Kea on my Bed
  • FALLA, Dr. R A, New Zealand BIRDS
  • FISHER, James, Thorburn's Birds
  • GILL, B J, The Kiwi and other flightless birds
  • GUTHRIE, Neville, The Great New Zealand Eagle
  • » Birds of Water Wood & Waste
  • » Mutton Birds & Other Stories
  • » Sorrows & Joys of a New Zealand Naturalist
  • » Birds of Tutira
  • HAAST, Julius, Haast on Harpagornis
  • HARTING, James Edmund, The Birds of Shakespeare
  • HARPER, Peter C, New Zealand Albatrosses and Petrels
  • HAY, J R, Kokako
  • HAYMAN, Piers, The Bird Next Door
  • HAYES, F Neil, A Brown Teal Management Manual
  • HEATHER, B D, A Biology of Birds, with particular refrence to New Zealand birds
  • HILLSTEAD, A F C, The Blackbird
  • HOSKING, Eric J, Birds of the Day
  • HOWARD, Eliot, Territory in Bird Life
  • HUTTON, F W, Our Feathered Immigrants
  • JOLLY, Jim, Kiwi: A Secret Life
  • KINSKY, F C, New Zealand Albatrosses and Petrels
  • LAVERS, Roger, Takahe
  • LEVICK, G Murray, Antarctic Penguins
  • LOCKLEY, Ronald M, Birds and Islands
  • LOVEGROVE, Tim, Birds of Auckland
  • LYSAGHT, Averil, Some Eighteenth Century Bird Paintings in the Library of Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820)
  • MARRINER, G R, The Kea: A New Zealand Problem
  • MILLS, Jim, Takahe
  • MONCRIEFF, Perrine, New Zealand Birds and How to Identify Them
  • NERUDA, Pablo, The Art of Birds
  • OLIVER, W R B, New Zealand Birds
  • PHILLIPPS, W J, The Book of the Huia
  • PIERCE, Ray, Black Stilt
  • READERS DIGEST, Readers Digest Complete Book of New Zealand Birds
  • SERVENTY, Vincent, Flight of the Shearwater
  • SIBSON, Richard B, Birds at Risk, Rare or Endangered Species of New Zealand
  • TURBOTT, E G, New Zealand Bird Life
  • TURBOTT, E J, Buller's Birds of New Zealand, a new edition
  • TURNER, William, Turner on Birds
  • UNKNOWN, Cecily's Birds
  • UREWERA National Park Board, Handbook to the Urewera National Park
  • WALL, Arnold, About Our Birds, A Collection of Verses
  • WILKINSON, A, Kapiti Bird Sanctuary
  • WILLIAMS, Gordon R., Birds and Birdsongs of New Zealand
  • WILSON, Raymond, Town Birds in New Zealand
  • WRIGHT, Judith, Birds
  • YGLESIAS Dorothy, The Cry of a Bird
  • YOUNG Euan C., The Millennium Bird, Cooperative Breeding in Chatham Island Skuas




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